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Kaffe 117

Ethiopian - Single Origin Coffee

Ethiopian - Single Origin Coffee

An Ethiopian shepherd named Kaldi is credited with the discovery of coffee when his goats began acting highly energetic after eating the beans of a coffee plant. Since the beginning Ethiopia has been producing some of the highest quality specialty grade coffee in the world.

Make your own discovery when you explore this rich and flavorful artisan coffee, sourced from family farms in the Sidama region. Indulge in notes of milk chocolate, fruity accents, and caramel undertones. Fuel your passion for exceptional gourmet coffee with every sip of Kaffe 117 Ethiopia.

Kaffe 117 only sources the very best coffee beans. You took the time to shop for coffee and it is our mission to deliver the best rated coffee beans from around the world. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You love your coffee or we’ll give refund you your money.

Save time and money with a specialty coffee subscription. Enjoy the best coffee beans delivered to your house on a weekly or monthly basis.

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